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Supplying a full range of equestrian products including


* Automatic drinkers, water monitors and field troughs              

* Feed mangers, buckets and bins                                              

* Foal Creep feeders for the stable and field                                

* Wheelbarrows and trailers                                                        

* Showjump wings                                                                        

* Stokbord (for lining stables, lorries, walkers etc)                      

* FoalWatch Foaling Test Kits                                                      

*** We price check to ensure our prices are always more competitive than other suppliers ***

Our products are made from high quality materials and come with a no quibble guarantee.  


Equine Hydration


We specialise in equine hydration and alongside our automatic drinkers we have monitors which can be attached to enable you to know how much a horse is drinking. Traditionally horse owners have provided their stabled horses with more water than they need just to ensure that at no time will their horse be without water. Lack of hydration not only affects performance but is also linked to more serious conditions such as colic. Knowing how much your horse is drinking is therefore fundamental to being proactive about your horse's welfare. The ability to catch problems early is critical to getting successful outcomes.


Whilst providing water in buckets is a common solution, it does not come without problems. As all owners know their horse's can be relied upon to spill their water (both accidentally and deliberately!), or in the worst case, contaminate their water making it undrinkable. Both these scenarios may lead to the horse being without water for considerable periods of time, especially overnight. Also, when assessing how much water the horse has consumed, it is only possible to establish the most it has drunk (i.e. how much has gone out of the buckets), but critically, it is not possible to establish the least it has consumed which is the important information, as some of the water which has gone may have been spilt, making it impossible to accurately know your horse's water consumption. Additionally, filling and emptying buckets is time consuming, messy and wastes water (particularly important when on a water meter).


Consumption of dry matter such as hay or haylage is also directly linked to water consumption. If a horse's water in take is limited, it will eat less dry matter. Therefore for show horses, broodmares and other equines where body condition is crucial, ensuring adequate water in take is a key factor.


For the reasons of convenience, automatic drinkers were developed, however as with buckets there was a drawback - it was impossible to tell how much water your horse had drunk. This drawback has been eliminated with the advent of DrinkSure water monitors. Specifically designed to fit water pipes, these monitors enable significant accuracy when assessing the quantity of water consumed by your horse. So whether you want to update your existing automatic drinker system, or install drinkers for the first time, DrinkSure water monitors can provide you with complete peace of mind.


Our monitors are now in use across the Country from breeding and racing establishments through to one horse owners who want to be sure their horse is drinking adequately.


Troughs - We have a huge range of troughs from 20 to 1775 litres!  


Feed Mangers, Buckets and Bins - We have a large selection of floor mangers, flexi-tubs and wall mounted mangers. We also have large clip-lip dustbins ideal for storing feed, rugs etc. which come in all the colours of the rainbow!


Foal Creep Feeders - We have wall mounted creep feeders for use in the stable as well as our ringfort free standing feeder for multiple foals which can be used in loose barns or fields


Wheelbarrows & Trailers - We have an extensive range from 85 to 500 litres


Showjump wings - We have a growing range of recycled plastic products to help with our carbon footprint, and this includes plastic jump wings that resemble traditional wooden ones


Stokbord - the famous product that has a multitude of uses. Because it is non-porous and non-chewable it's ideal for lining stables and foaling boxes as it can be very effectively disinfected, as well as for use lining horseboxes. It's flexibility not only makes it more able to withstand kicks, but also makes it ideal for lining the curved sides of horse walkers. This is an effective, adaptable and resilient product ideal for many uses in the equestrian world. (Not suitable for flooring).


DrinkSure are leading supporters of the BEF Futurity Series offering discounts to participants.                                                  

Tel: 01406 381060     or     07775 633004

Drinksure Website

New EcoBowl Drinker Launched

The brand new EcoBowl drinker!


British made, robust, safe, with the same mechanism as more expensive drinkers but over £5 cheaper!!   Wall-mounted, single skin, heavy duty polyethylene bowl with drain plug for easy cleaning. Four (4) litre capacity. No more carrying heavy buckets - save time and labour! Constant supply of clean fresh water. Header tank supply preferable. No rust, No rot, manufactured from tough polyethylene for long life. Hygienic and easy to clean.


Dimensions: 300mm x 235mm x 255mm.


Only available in green.  £22.99 inc VAT +P&P.  


Order from:


New Ecobowl Drinker Launched, see below


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Full page business advert for £185.00 per year


Stallion ad £85.00 per year